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Thread: Hekate Press

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    Hekate Press

    Look brand new, so I thought I'd start a thread for them. Not much information on the site, and they're looking for a lot of staff.

    We accept:

    - Romance - All Genres
    - Erotic Romance
    - Horror
    - Urban Fantasy
    - Fantasy
    - Science Fiction

    We do not accept

    - Young Adult, Children or New Adult novels at this time.
    - Rape fantasies
    - Bestiality
    - Incest
    - Any book containing graphic representation of a minor (under 18) involved in a sexual encounter or abusive situation. If your adult character was sexually or physically abused prior to the beginning of the book - please leave the graphic descriptions off page.

    They also ask you to provide a marketing plan if your manuscript is accepted.
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    They've been posting calls for submissions over on Love Romances Cafe for a few months. Too new and too broad-spectrum for me to take a chance on right now. Another vote for give 'em a year, then see how they're doing.

    I find this quote of interest from their site: "If your book is contracted you will be asked to submit a marketing plan for our Marketing department to look over. Our purpose is to help you find ways of marketing your book that you haven't thought of and assist you in learning how to setup Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, scheduling events or preparing for a convention."

    They don't list a specific marketing dept. on their site, but they are looking for a Review Coordinator.

    So, essentially, the stuff a self-published author would be doing anyway. I'm going to look into this to see if anyone listed there has a broader skill base or industry contacts. It sounds like they mean well, but I've seen that before...

    ETA: after skimming Facebook and a few other sites, I'm invoking Filigree's Rule hard and fast on this one, at least for me. Too many tells that fit my private 'approach with caution' list, which may be advantages for someone else. Each to their own.
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    As of Aug '14 (from cache):

    Hekate Press is now closed as a traditional publishing house due to lack of submissions.

    While it was a great dream, sometimes dreams just don't come true.

    Hekate Press will reopen as a private publishing label for Delilah K. Stephans and Antonia Tiranth in approximately 3 months.
    No sign that it did so.

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