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Thread: Vesta House Publishing / Haven of Dreams Publishing

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    Vesta House Publishing / Haven of Dreams Publishing

    Looks like another vanity press, with a twist!

    You get to pick which options to get screwed by, the traditional way, (the only way they should be doing it) is 50% net? (I think.) No advances of course.

    Next option, you pay. Yep, that's right you pay for it, why? When they have an option not to? What makes the difference? So what is it, the better books get accepted by the regular way and the authors that are suckers pay? I totally don't get that. Isn't that conflict of interest?

    Oh, yeah...there's another option, pay even more money to see your book in print....woo-hoo.

    I haven't read the whole site and what it all pertains, but I thought I'd point out to people looking into this publisher, there's red flags planted all over it.

    Be careful with this one.

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    They seem to be specialising in the 'wholesome' niche and directing themselves towards authors who mistakenly believe there are no legitimate trade publishers working in that arena.

    If you are one of those authors and you've found this thread in a google search I suggest you browse this forum a little. We're not always the most wholesome of folks, but at least we won't lie to you about how the publishing industry works in order to get your money.

    Some relevant gems from the site. While I'm not an expert by any means, these things stuck out to me as warning signs.

    Authors have 2 options for ebook publishing with us:
    1. Traditional no fee, royalty-based ebook publishing where Vesta House Publishing publishes your book into all of the major ebook formats and distributes it into all of the major ebook markets. Vesta House Publishing retains all digital rights to your book and pays you royalties on every book sold. At this time, Vesta House Publishing does not offer advances on royalties, but you will receive 50% of your net proceeds from every book you sell!

    2. Fee-based ebook publishing where you choose which services you would like Vesta House Publishing to perform. With this option, you can have your book published and distributed into all of the major ebook formats and markets for as little as $299. The beauty of this option is that you, the author, retain 100% of the rights to your work which translates into 100% of the net proceeds on every book you sell!
    It is most definitely a conflict of interest to have both options, and not even under a seperate imprint.

    You can do most of what Vesta House will do for a lot less than $300.

    If you feel you need to hire a professional editor, Vesta House Publishing can help you find a good fit. Just contact us and we will be happy to refer you to one of our affiliates.

    Also, although not required, if you have a cover you have already designed, submit it as a separate file and we will review it along with your manuscript
    Have you ever thought, "I've written this amazing young adult novel, and I'd love to have it published,but the publishing world is too complex. I have no idea where to start"?
    How exciting would it be if you could get YOUR book expertly published into all of the major ebook formats and made available to major ebook markets?
    Would you enjoy seeing YOUR book being read by millions of readers on their Kindles, tablets, and smartphones?
    How would it feel to hold YOUR book, YOUR masterpiece, in your own hands?
    Publishing isn't really that complex, and telling people it is is a way to make them feel disempowered enough to fall for what you're selling.

    Write a good book, edit it, submit it to agents/publishers that handle your type of work. Bam.

    'Available to' is not the same thing as 'Available in'.

    Millions of readers? You won't reach millions through a publishing company that is marketed towards writers. Ask them - how to they plan to get all these readers?

    Check out the websites of publishers like Penguin, or Simon and Schuster etc, or even some of the smaller ones. You will notice that it is geared towards readers, with pictures of the books, information about the books and links towards where you can buy them. Their blogs include author interviews and information about signings. Information for authors is usually hidden in a very small corner somewhere. That's because they get their money from selling books, not from charging you to format them.

    Their blog has no posts and still retains the example first post. Not very professional.

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    Not here, but there
    You bring up a good point, Ann, about the Googling thing. I usually do a series of searches to see what pops up. And if you do "Young Adult Publisher" this pops up on page 2! I was like, no you just didn't! That's why I immediately made a thread on it. Because the writers that are Googling that right now will see it on the second page and might consider it.

    The Google pages change of course, but this is what's current now and it sickens me they're on the second page at the moment.

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