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Thread: Mid-List Press

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    Mid-List Press


    I couldn't find anything about their distribution.
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    Although their name sounds vaguely familiar, I'm not recognizing them off-hand. After a look through their website, however, I'd class them with the small, literary presses that are most often connected to universities, though in this case they're an independent non-profit.

    As with the press itself, none of the names of the poets they publish were familiar to me, but several of those books have blurbs from well-known poets (Richard Howard and Lola Haskins, for example).

    So, in summary, I'd say they are a small, literary press. Not a commercial venture by any means--as indicated by their non-profit status--and probably with limited exposure.

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    An interesting legal wrangle (from 2003): Tl;dr - founder, when told his book wouldn't receive preferential treatment, published it himself under press's name, using fake ISBN and misrepresenting himself to retailers, etc. Press sued him for trademark infringement and other breaches.

    More relevant, perhaps, is that I can't find any activity after '11.
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