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Thread: [Display site] MagicBlox

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    Bonnie Ferrante
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    Jun 2011
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    Question [Display site] MagicBlox

    Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with this website?

    There aren't any real details for authors.




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    Cracked the Story Code
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    Jun 2013
    Mid West
    No. I have experience with similar places.

    Research it thoroughly. Learn everything you can about the place and try to contact their current authors independently. Ask them about your experience.

    Believe it or not, the book publishing business has not collapsed yet. There's no reason to give up on that yet. In fact, the big publishers are publishing many of the ebooks. (the first three slots are occupied by big six publishers--followed by self-published which includes many celebrity and formerly big six published authors)

    Why go with a relatively new ebook publisher?

    If you have 75,000 dedicated followers on twitter or another social network before you publish with these guys go for it.

    If you have a reasonable amount of former readers that would conceivably follow you to this site.

    If you have a slush pile topic for your book that publishers and agents would never go for... then go for it.

    If there is some other benefit...there's an ebook publisher that is recognized by SCBWI for published and listed purposes.

    Sorry, somebody where I am has completely interrupted my train of thought...

    Why not?

    After reading the contract you cannot bear the thought of signing your hard work away to these people... then no, forget them...

    If after looking over your best stories you realize they are worthy of taking the time to develop them and find the absolute best place to publish your work, then maybe this is not the best place.

    Grey areas...

    Once you do publish with them...How do you know how many of your books they sell? If you have an ISBN, you would have a third party to ask...but it's very rarely helpful. My point is with Magic Blox you have to absolutely trust them.

    These ebook places rise and fall quickly. Make sure to find a reversion clause.

    Also, in the about us tab there is no named founder. I would say forget it. Selling books requires people with knowledge and experience. I want to know who is marketing my book.

    Sorry, I have to go. Good luck.

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    Fearsome Dragon Mod AW Moderator jvc's Avatar
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    Gonna move this over to the Bewares and Background Check forum Prepare for transport. Energize.

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