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Thread: Mountain Springs House / Mountain Springs Publishing

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    Mountain Springs House / Mountain Springs Publishing

    Anyone work with this publisher? Looks like they just stick the book on Amazon, covers aren't very good and there is a weird disclaimer about pictures on the bottom of the site.
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    The "welcome page" looks like it's geared to authors rather than readers. There's that "dream" red flag:
    Our highly qualified staff have years of publishing experience and will take the greatest care in helping you to achieve your literary dreams.
    Their genre list is, uh, interesting: "Action, Children’s Books, Crime, Dystopian, Erotica, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Horror, Non-Fiction, Paranormal, Poetry, Psychological Thrillers, Romance, Sci-Fi, Short Stories, Westerns, YA"

    Only five authors listed so far. Books are on Smashwords as well as Amazon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tirjasdyn View Post

    Anyone work with this publisher? Looks like they just stick the book on Amazon, covers aren't very good and there is a weird disclaimer about pictures on the bottom of the site.
    "Images on this blog are copyright to its respectful owners." Wow.
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    We offer authors a personalized publishing experience with a staff that truly cares about you.
    I don't want a staff that wuvs me.

    I want a staff which has experience in editing, cover design and marketing. And the Editors page makes it clear this is just another amateur startup.

    Mountain Springs was founded by bestselling author, Allison Bruning
    I checked her books on Amazon. She's been published by Amazon Digital Services, CreateSpace and Mountain Springs.

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