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Thread: Brickstone Publishing

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    Brickstone Publishing

    I was alerted to a fairly new vanity publisher yesterday.
    Brickstone Publishing.

    Website here:
    Facebook thread where I question their motives here:

    Their website suggests quite strongly to writers that current industry standards will make writers pay for all promotion and book creation. They quote unrealistic figures and ask writers to pay thousands of dollars for what looks like a very inferior product.

    They also offer bloggers the 'opportunity' to take part in cover reveals without having to pay for the privilege.

    Has anyone had any experience with these guys?

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    Brickstone's three currently available books are all by Lori Verni-Forgasi, so I think it's reasonable to assume that she also owns the company. I wouldn't touch this one with a bargepole:

    We currently have ONE open opportunity!

    CALL FOR INPUT: Share YOUR life’s lessons for an upcoming advice book!

    If your tidbit/s are published in the book, you will receive one free copy!
    Oooh, I'm underwhelmed!

    And how's this for an outright lie:

    With the changes in today’s publishing arena, please only contact us if you understand that in today’s landscape, authors are generally required to make an investment of their own time and money in order for a project to be successful...
    You'll need least $3,000 to invest in the initial launch expenses and marketing campaign to ensure the success of your book.
    It's difficult to see how any amount of money can ensure the success of a book. And why does your manuscript have to be

    ...complete, polished, and “ready to go”
    when according to Brickstone's home page the company provides "professional editing"?

    I'd also be put off by Brickstone's boasting about one of their books being a USA Best Books Award Finalist - this is a faux contest with no prestige value.

    As for the company's covers...well, I can't see much evidence of the promised professional cover design.

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    Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. kaitie's Avatar
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    Also looks like the only books are by the owner. Self-publisher turned vanity press?

    ETA: And she responds to negative reviews on Amazon. I'd shy away from a publisher who did that just on principle.
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    The late, the great XThe NavigatorX mdin's Avatar
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    I just saw a thing about them on Facebook. Here's a quote from their website:

    If my story is accepted, who will retain the rights to the story? The book and all stories in it will have all rights retained by Brickstone Publishing.

    My Art

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    Site hasn't been updated nor anything published since '13, but FB still active.

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