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Thread: Chatter Brag Board

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    practical experience, FTW
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    Dec 2010
    Not sure if this deserves a brag or not... but hey, a release is a release, right? ANYWAY

    I did a second thing! And it is a good thing!
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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin Schussman's Avatar
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    Dec 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by zanzjan View Post
    Congrats, Vanayssa! I don't recognize your username, so you should let us know your chat handle so we know who you are!
    Okay (I cringe as I ask this) what is a chat handle, and where are they? How do I get my own? Are they like an avatar or something, and one will find me? If so than I want a lion or something equally cool.

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    Mostly harmless SuperModerator dpaterso's Avatar
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    Feb 2005
    They're talking about the AW chat channel on IRC, check out the other threads in this forum. A handle is just another fun term for your nickname when you're in chat. Most chatters keep them the same as their AW board usernames.

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin Schussman's Avatar
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    Dec 2008
    Thanks Derek

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    Collective intox CaesarNaples's Avatar
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    Feb 2014
    I haven't published anything since joining, but I do have some details about my new book. Handle is neotame in the chat.

    1. 10 years of writing
    2. 6 months of book design
    3. Follow Caesar Naples Wiki as they chase down their elusive idol. His posts have been spread across the internet, containing the secrets of space and time.
    4. Pocketbook size paperback
    5. Drawings and art section
    6. Includes The Mill and The Cult
    7. A collection of my writing from high school and beyond
    8. Public library book signing taking place Sept 13th

    Thanks for letting me in on the channel and allowing me to share my book

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