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Thread: Piece Of Cake PR

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    A wanderer in the sea of publishing Michael Drakich's Avatar
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    Piece Of Cake PR

    Hi everyone. I'm hoping to find a user of this firm, Piece Of Cake PR, to share their experience here. -

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    Moving to Bewares, Recommendations & Background Check (BR&BC). You have a better chance of getting answers there, Michael. Hold on for a sec.

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    The real magic is in HOW WE TARGET journalists the first place … our patented Natural Language Processing strategically matches published (or broadcast) news stories to the journalists who’ve written them. Read more about Natural Language Processing here. Here’s how it works …

    We use this proprietary technology to build you a custom list of thousands of journalists who have recently written stories about YOUR type of business, industry, niche or market sector. Then we send your press release directly to the email in boxes and fax machines of these eager, targeted journalists who are most likely to write a news story on your business (or book, if you’re an author) … whether your story ends up being aired on TV or the radio or published in print or online (or any combination).
    IOW, they do a keyword search, then spam the poor Targeted Journalists just like any other "press release" service. Yeah, no.

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    Just the facts, please
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    “These are the guys who know the meaning of under self and over present! They will WOW you with their work!”


    “Your service is phenoenal!"
    But they don't know how to proofread.

    However, with Piece of Cake PR your release goes directly to the in boxes and fax machines of interested journalists ...
    Anyone faxing releases out these days is asking to be ignored.

    You can easily blow several hundred dollars on services less effective than ours. Why? Because few PR companies are run by former journalists.
    Tons of PR shops have ex-journalists working for them.

    We’re getting a huge influx of requests from North American media for new books to feature in their summer editions.
    There’s a huge shortage of books coming across their desks – making this a great opportunity for you to send out a press release and be the book they feature!
    Complete balderdash. Media outlets don't reach out to PR firms asking for book-centric stories.

    At Piece of Cake PR, you have nothing to fear. Your press release is written by a team of savvy former journalists with superior writing skills.
    And yet I'm still not seeing any information on the site just who these former journalists are or what experience they have.

    Some Google-fu leads me to Jim Collins, an expat UK journalist who Randomly Capitalizes, doesn't know when to use commas and sends out toot-his-own-horn press releases that would be ignored by a first-day intern at a 1,000-circulation weekly. (


    ETA: Forgot to add that he's pushing fiction novels, and doesn't understand what irony is. Or how to use quotation marks.

    Ironically, the 2000th distribution pertained to the launch of an exciting fiction novel about the company’s ‘home’ natural wonder of Niagara Falls - Whirlpool’ by Eileen Enwright Hodgetts.

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    I haunt QLH AdrianLynn's Avatar
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    JournoWriter pretty much said it but I thought I'd pipe up too.

    I used to work for a midsized newspaper. One of my jobs was to sort press releases - although we never ignored faxes if they were anything of interest. But 'of interest' pertained to local information, not Author Joe Schmo from three states away. Something tells me the PR firm is catering to self-published authors. Just from my experience we typically ignored self-published (and vanity-published) books because they were far too common. The smaller newspapers in the area that catered to just one community would sometimes do a story on self-published authors, but I don't know if those type of papers are on the email list of a PR firm.
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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    Piece of Cake PR

    Does anyone have any experiences with them? They're currently charging $255 for a promotion, and I'm wondering how effective it is.

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    Write. Write. Writey Write Write. mrsmig's Avatar
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    You might want to look at this Kindle Direct Community Board thread. Nothing but bad reports.

    Do you have a functioning website link? All the links I found on Google were non-functional - another red flag.

    And there's a scant but pre-existing AW thread about them already. A mod will probably be along to merge this thread with that one.
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    Going to merge these posts with the extant thread.


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