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Thread: TouchPoint Press (Sheri Ables)

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    TouchPoint Press (Sheri Ables)

    Here we go again. Another agent turned publisher. Sheri Williams woke up one morning, looked in the mirror and Shazam, she discovered she was becoming a publisher. I had signed with her (Red Writing hood Ink.) but soon discovered she was not going to do anything for me and ended my association with her. She sent me an email about her new venture and asked me to publish with her, but I declined. Check it out.
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    Well it's a "professional" business using as a main web presence, and using the default theme, no less. That's all I really need to know (I'm kind of a snob, I know, but it's a pet peeve).
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    Oh, dear GOD, NO!

    Sheri was my agent too and she did absolute shit for me. Dealing with Sheri is a BIG waste of time.
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    This is Sheri Williams, right. Not Ables?
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    Williams was her maiden name (?). Here's our Red Writing Hood Ink thread.
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    On a small world west of wonder LindaJeanne's Avatar
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    TouchPoint publishes titles across multiple genres and subgenres. Our focus is not so much on a specific genre or subgenre, but on acquiring manuscripts that are exceptionally well-written, fast-paced, and engaging.
    As oppose to publishers that prefer to specialize in poorly-written, plodding and boring manuscripts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by LindaJeanne View Post
    As oppose to publishers that prefer to specialize in poorly-written, plodding and boring manuscripts?
    Hahaha, actually, this would describe the majority of manuscripts of quite a number of author-mill small (e)publishers whose books I've browsed or downloaded free portions of from Shashwords. Poorly-written, plodding, and boring indeed, although the last is the most subjective category of the three.


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