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Thread: Write On America / Eat Sleep Write

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    Write On America / Eat Sleep Write

    A friend sent me a link to this site. Apparently he's just done a podcast for them and wanted to spread the word to other writers.

    Anyone have anything to add? Other than finding the site eye-achingly busy, it just looks like another display site to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrsmig View Post
    A friend sent me a link to this site. Apparently he's just done a podcast for them and wanted to spread the word to other writers.

    Anyone have anything to add? Other than finding the site eye-achingly busy, it just looks like another display site to me.
    VERY busy. I'm curious as to how many listeners he gets on average per episode (right term?).
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    Eat Sleep Write Short Story Competition


    Entry fee is $25 / story. The three winners do get substantial cash prizes (good), a free audio recording of their story (nice), and a "free promotional post" on the Eat Sleep Write website (meh).

    But a couple things give me pause:

    1. Anonymous judges. The cachet of a prize usually depends on the judges and the organization running the contest. In this case, the organization is just some website. And we don't even know who the judges are.

    2. The top fifteen stories will be published in an e-anthology. Which means the runners up are *paying* $25 for a chance to appear in this one-off anthology from an unknown outfit. If ESW gets the 500 entries they are hoping for, they'll take in $12500. And they can't manage even a token $50 payment / story? That's cheap.

    3. Speaking of that anthology, I have my doubts about an anthology that's a grab bag of genres from completely unknown writers. Now, the writers aren't getting anything other than whatever prize they won, in some cases, they are paying to be published, but the supposed draw is winning a publishing credit. A credit from an unknown publisher isn't much good, imo.

    ETA: It occurs to me that the rules don't state what happens if ESW doesn't get the number of submissions they're hoping for. Will they cancel the contest and return the entry fees?
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    Eat Sleep Write

    I would like to warn folks who are considering purchasing advertising space from Eat Sleep Write. While you can submit your pieces to the website (though I don't recommend that, either, for reasons I will explain), purchasing advertising from Eat Sleep Write is a money pit. The website's hit count does not discriminate between Google searches, the same person clicking, or other factors that determine the real traffic of the site, and I have known many people who have purchased advertising through ESW and received no uptick in sales, clicks, or attention. With the prices they charge it is decidedly not worth it.

    This is also true of editors, publishers, and anyone else looking to expand their client pool. Don't advertise there; it's a waste of resources.

    In regards to submitting work to them, there are a few things you should know.

    • Submitted pieces receive virtually no editing, and what is given is cursory. As a result, there is a great deal of sub-par material on that website. Having your work up there will do you no favors.
    • Submitting there means the pieces will likely not be published anywhere else in the future as you are giving up first serial rights to Eat Sleep Write. Don't let them tell you otherwise.
    • You will not get much by the way of "exposure" since virtually no one reads the pieces on the website. I have firsthand knowledge of this.
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    Don't bother advertising with that site. Overpriced and you have no way of tracking clicks for the ads you purchase. As for the short story competition, if they don't reach a minimum of entries they will refund the entry fee. At least that's what I was told. On a side note, when new posts are added to that site, a visitor has no way of knowing unless it's a podcast.
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