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Thread: [Journal] Literary Laundry

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    [Journal] Literary Laundry

    Dear Water Coolios,
    I sent a manuscript of mine, MY NAME IS DEE, to Literary Laundry for publication consideration perhaps six months ago. Google searching for my name today turned up an illegal word doc copy of my manuscript for sale on

    Reporting the violation to docstoc resulted in its immediate removal, but emails to various editors at Literary Laundry have resulted in no response.

    If you folks have any experience with Literary Laundry, I'm all ears.

    Thank you,

    Robin Dunn

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    Received reply

    I finally heard back from them after repeated emails; received the following:

    Dear sir,

    Thank you for your e-mail. We recently upgraded our website and as part of the upgrade process experienced a glitch that caused certain submissions to be accessible via google search. We have fixed our code so as to prevent the problem from recurring. Unfortunately, it seems that someone pillaged the site during the time of the glitch and uploaded your file onto that other site.

    We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused but thank you for bringing the problem to our attention. Rest assured; it should never happen again.

    All the best,

    Giulio Gratta


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    Well that is just awful. I guess I'd go ahead and submit it other places. It hardly seems fair for your first rights to be burned based on something wrong and out of your control. Sorry that happened. Yikes!

    Can you ask who they got the story from?
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    How "nice" of them. When they became aware of this problem, didn't they think it would be nice to let the authors that submitted to them know that their works might become available somewhere on the 'net? Did they think that storing electronic submissions on the same server space they use for their website might not be a good idea?

    Their failure to notify the authors drops their professionalism down to near zero for me. The webmaster blaming it on a glitch caused by a website upgrade (Really? You didn't think to test things out before going live? Or think, perhaps, of not storing electronic submissions on your Internet server under "hidden" file names?) doesn't do much for my impression of his professionalism, either.*

    ETA: This is my assumption: that electronic submissions are being stored on the "extra" space they've purchased for a website, thus avoiding buying further server space or cluttering up a hard-drive. Saved like that, it becomes another page on the website--a "hidden" page. So, where a home page would be "" (for example), a submission would become, "". If a mistake is made in coding, as in an update, those "hidden" pages can become visible, appearing as just another page on the website. All assumption on my part, but it's a "glitch" I've seen (and had to fix) for others before.
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    Paranoia is my friend

    Maybe it's just because I live in Los Angeles.

    But, it's interesting that the company is called "Literary Laundry" and that, as you guys have pointed out, they're not too upset that this happened.

    Also interesting is that apparently makes a large part of its money by essentially "laundering" files -- they make it easy for jerks to upload hundreds of thousands of files, and don't ask where the files come from, then charge a small amount of money, and kick back a few cents to the illegal uploaders.

    (I did ask docstoc to identify the illegal uploader and they had this reply:

    "Dear Robin,

    We received your request for information about the user or users who have uploaded content which you assert infringes upon your copyrights. There are certain privacy policies and laws that Docstoc must comply with and, therefore, we are unable to provide you with the information that you request.

    The Docstoc Team

    Stuff our lawyers like us to say:
    All defenses, rights, remedies, claims, etc., reserved without prejudice or waiver. No waivers or admissions, etc. made, including by silence or only partial response. No promises made or implied. Emails and telephone discussions do not make or modify contracts and are not digital or electronic signatures or writings.
    Please review our FAQs, particularly our Copyright FAQs:
    Disclaimer: Forms / information are not legal advice. Read more:
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    Needless to say, this jerk firm has some lawyers hanging around eager to rape the populace.

    Docstoc is in Santa Monica, which re-invented money laundering, and intellectual property theft (and re-invents it every week, I used to work there).

    Anyway. Caveat scriptor! And karma will get 'em!

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