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Thread: Seventh Wave Books

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    Pervy Fetish Writer EASchechter's Avatar
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    Seventh Wave Books

    Has anyone heard anything about this publisher? They contacted my RWA chapter looking for submissions, and I want to check and make sure they're on the up-and-up before forwarding it on to the membership. I can't find mention of them on Pred-Ed or here.

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    I've never heard of them, but from looking at their website and blog a few things stood out to me. The majority of the books on the front page are by the two owners (Angela Abderhalden and Jason Wilcox). The e-mails they list on their submission page are at gmail and yahoo (which is not very professional in my mind) and they only have 13 likes on their facebook page (which to me says that they don't have much of a web presence).

    They look like they are on the up-and-up, but they also look like a teeny-tiny operation.

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    Proud Literary Sadist justbishop's Avatar
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    I noticed a couple of typos, and the blurbs are in need of some tightening. And if I feel that way, then I can only imagine what someone who has actual editing experience would say.

    The GoDaddy Website Builder badge on the bottom also does not inspire confidence. But then again I'm nitpicky when it comes to web design and believe that a professional publisher should invest in a professional web designer.

    At least the site seems geared toward readers...though $12.99 for a paperback from an author I've never heard of feels a bit steep.
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    Just the facts, please
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    Additionally, there are multiple errors on the main website: "boarders of the pages" ... she had "three bothers" growing up ... "our hero's of this great nation" ... and capitalizing for Emphasis. Doesn't bode well for the editing of the books.

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    Cat hair collector PVish's Avatar
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    A few more red flags. No "About Us" page, so there's no readily available info about who the staff is or what their qualifications are. However, on the blog (last updated in mid-April), all posts are signed:
    Angela Abderhalden
    Acquiring Editor, Seventh Wave Books, LLC
    Author of the Mel Addison Mystery Series
    Amazon lists two books by her, both published by Seventh Wave.

    The first blogpost was on June 15, 2012:
    This blog is a new adventure for me. But so is the publishing company that I just opened with my good friend Jason Wilcox, also new to the publishing side of books. Join me on this adventure. I’ll be blogging about our adventures, missteps and triumphs in this first year. If you have any suggestions for this newbie, please, please comment. I need all the help I can get. I’m going to try to blog twice a week on Sundays and Thursday if my mundane job allows me the time. Occasionally Jason will guest post but mostly it will be me signing our praises, whining at our frustrations or ecstatically shouting our triumphs. Thanks for joining me.
    Newbie publisher with a regular job that isn't in publishing.

    A page called "Honoring and Remembering" (a strange page for a publisher's site) begins thus:
    We wanted to take the time to honor, recognize, and remember our hero’s of this great nation.
    Using a possessive for a plural on that page and using "signing our praises" for "singing our praises" on the above blogpost don't bode well for editing.

    Of the ten books listed on the website, two are by Abderhalden and four are by her partner Jason Wilcox. Clicking on the "click here" link for the last seven books leads to CreateSpace.
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    Disapproving plot bun disapproves. FluffBunny's Avatar
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    Their site is registered through Domains by Proxy, so no joy there. Both Ms. Abderhalden (FB) and Mr. Wilcox (GoodReads) list their home as Idaho. No business registered under that name in Idaho or in Washington. They finally turned up as being registered in Montana with Mr. Wilcox listed as the registered agent. They are listed as being in "good standing" with the State of Montana and are a limited liability corporation managed by members.

    They posted a video on the Instructables website - entering a contest to try and obtain funding for their business. At that point in time (September 2012), the company had been in business 6 months (since March 2012) and had put out 6 books with another 3 expected by the Christmas holidays.
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    Their kindle sales are currently on par (on a continuum from around 30K to around 1mln) with the competitors of older and bigger mini-publishers with 'real' teams of editors and designers, like say Museitup, Zumaya, Musa, Rhemalda, Damnation Books, Eternal Press, Rogue Phoenix Press, etc.

    Now, the same could be said for any number of self-publishing authors, and a whole bunch of those actually sell much better, so it only points to the ability to weave a more or less interesting tale by these writer-turned publishing guys, not about their abilities to edit, design, and market someone else's book, still, I thought I should point the sales angle out.


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