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Thread: Renaissance Romance Publishing

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    Renaissance Romance Publishing

    Hi I'm new to absolute witers and I really love the forum so far very helpful but I can't find anything on renaissance romance publishing. They are one of the publishers I'm looking into and talking to about my new romance MS. Does anyone know anything about them? Worked with them heard of them? If this is the wrong place to post this I am sorry.
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    Their webpage lists their staff as:

    Michele Richard, media outreach (and the registrant on their domain).

    Lisa Bilbrey, distribution.

    Laura Braley, imaging manager.

    I'm not sure if one of them is doubling up on editing, or if there's other staff, or...?

    Submission guidelines are here - They state that:

    ...stories depicting sexual intimacy will be given a rating based on the level of sexual content,...
    but there's no mention of what the ratings are or what criteria they use to determine the rating. They also state:

    ...we will provide the following: A fully edited manuscript, having gone through a substantive and polish edit...
    I'm no editor, but reading posts by our resident editors led me to believe "normal" editing was a little more involved than that. Is "a substantive and polish edit" one pass through the editing process or two separate passes?
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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin teatime2310's Avatar
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    Thank you, I was a little unsure of them and a second pair of eyes with a bit more experience really helps.

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    I clicked through to a sample of one of their titles. It wasn't badly written, but the myriad comma errors were not impressive.

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    FYI, I broke the URL above because of hack/virus warnings. An old site is here:

    Relatively recent activity at Smashwords, and FB resumed after a year lull, but note the complaints in their Reviews.

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