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Thread: A Simple Thank-You

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    Wink A Simple Thank-You

    I just want to take a second and a tiny bit of space here to say thank-you to the creators, editors, moderators--whoever is responsible for these forums. I haven't had any need to ask about publishers or agents yet, but I will sure make this my first stop when I do have such a need. It's a wonderful service and must take a huge amount of time.

    Thanks again.


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    Judi, I'm not sure if you've checked in at the front desk (The Newbie Forums), not that you have to. But there is where you can introduce yourself and give this great compliment to the gang. That way they are sure to see it. You posted here in the bewares and background check and maybe you meant to because of the subject. But anyhoo.......

    Welcome to the cooler. Have some fun, hang out and good luck in your writing endeavor. We're always glad to have you.
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