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Thread: Folio Literary Management

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    Jan 2006
    The website definitely isn't working.

    "Error code 22The proxy failed to resolve site from host name, if this site was recently added please allow a few minutes before trying again."
    MS0: Terrible ghost story. Trunked, to be mined later for decent descriptive phrases.
    MS.5: Florida Suburban Fantasy. On Hold till after some kissing is written.
    MS1: Contemporary romance with a Russian accent. Paused.
    MS2: Fake engagement plus tattoos, cake, and kissing. On hold but still viable.
    Kissing at the Renaissance Faire. Drafting.
    MS4: Kissing at the Renaissance Faire Book 2, Electric Boogaloo. Thinking about.
    MS5: Kissing at the Renaissance Faire Book 3. Oh no Jen what is your brain doing.

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    Dec 2014
    Sent a query to Erin Niumata for a 72k women's fiction on 4/6/16 and got a request for 50 pages on 4/26. A day later (speedy!) she sent me tons of feedback with critiques plus very flattering comments as well. It was ultimately a rejection, but the nicest rejection I've ever received! She seems like she'd be fabulous to work with. If it helps anyone, she seems to really enjoy a sense of humor and endearing characters but wants a plot with an extra kick that makes it stand out.

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    Jun 2015
    Just to add my own experience with this agency: I queried Erin Harris back in March 2015, and received a full request within 24 hours (less, I believe). She was very friendly and excited. I sent the full and waited. About two months later I nudged, and received a polite and complimentary rejection. Loved my voice, but thought my writing style might be more suited to the adult rather than the YA market. I was super bummed, of course, because I really like Erin, but so it goes.

    I recently met her in person at an editors & agents meet and greet at my MFA program. She's very friendly, has a clear vision of what she's looking for, and seems to be shying away from "issue books" in YA; though I don't want to misquote her because that's just what I remember her saying, in a nutshell. She shook my hand and congratulated me when I told her my MS is now on sub, and said she loved my voice.

    So from my experience, this is a courteous, professional agency.
    YA debut BURRO HILLS coming from Diversion Books on March 20, 2018!

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    YA Contemporary Mystery/Horror - Writing, 57k+
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    Nov 2015
    South Philly, PA
    Sent to Emily van Beek 10/8.
    Rejected 10/11.

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