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Thread: [Blog] Guide to Literary Agents (Chuck Sambuchino)

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    [Blog] Guide to Literary Agents (Chuck Sambuchino)

    Writer's Digest frequently introduces debut authors with a quick blurb and link. Fine and good.

    However, on the third entry down of their "guide to literary agents" blog they have a vanity published thriller writer. He has no reviews. No agent. On Amazon he hasn't chosen to allow you to preview any of his pages. And he has one review in the world (his?)

    How can they do that? In my mind it's pretty deceptive. Are they a legitimate site?

    The author's blurb:

    Is a man a serial killer if he only kills the burglars who break into his home? And what if one of them is the man who had murdered the homeowner s wife and was returning to kill him?

    After he avenges his wife s murder the bodies of all the burglars are discovered in Walter Buczyno s crawlspace and he becomes a Wanted Man on the run. While Riehle and Capparelli are investigating the Buczyno case Riehle watches a family friend descend into madness and his life goes horribly wrong.

    ONE MAN'S CASTLE is a suspense thriller that keeps the reader turning the pages until the dramatic conclusion when all forces collide nothing is what it seems and lives are changed forever.

    The tick-tock girl, the jigsaw man, the wheelchair boy, and the watchmaker. None of us are sane, but we are getting better.

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    Well, it is a book that's available for purchase. And he's a first time author. It may not be the most exciting thing to promote on one of the WD blogs, but I think he fits the criteria.

    If they had made it seem that he had gotten an agent when he hadn't, then I suppose it would be deceptive. But the interview doesn't talk about an agent at all. And yes, I know that the blog is about literary agents, but I suppose he can go off topic once and awhile if he wants to. The way I see it, it seems like the main subject is how to break into the business. doesn't seem that off topic.

    Also, I think you might be confusing Five Star. There is a Five Star which is a vanity press, but the one he mentions is Five Star/Cengage, which is a legitimate publisher that sells books mainly to libraries. Where you can find more info about me! My blog. Reviews, thoughts, and more! Facebook! This is the way I like communicating best.

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    J. Michael Major, One Man's Castle, published in the Five Star Mystery Series. (Not self-published.) Along with the PW review, he got one in Kirkus, which ends:
    Majorís mystery debut features a mildly interesting plot idea scuttled by intemperate sermonizing and turgid prose.
    What does this tell us? Not as much as you might think; it's Kirkus. Some days they're spot-on, and other days they have a bad word for everyone.

    Five Star is real-ish.

    Getting reviews in PW and Kirkus tells me that Five Star's publicist has an ongoing relationship with the major review venues, and sent them bound galleys of the book in time for their surprisingly early deadlines.

    In short, I don't think it's as bad as Writer's Digest makes it look.
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    Adding link:

    He also posts general industry news and writing advice.

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