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Thread: [ePub] Alfie Dog Fiction

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    [ePub] Alfie Dog Fiction

    I'm fairly new (read as very new!) here. I've done a search to be sure this isn't mentioned elsewhere.
    My first short story has been accepted at Alfiedog.
    Submissions Link Page here:
    I'm highly impressed with the editor and would like to spread the joy!

    The site isn't the best organised, but all in all the behind the scenes work really impresses me, providing reports on sales monthly. They pay royalities.

    I think they have been running for about a year. The editor - Rosemary Kind is professional, and will offer sage advice on improvements, if needed. A good place to get a feel for the e-pub world. A foot in the water style if you like!
    They have a facebook page and take stories from every genre with price limits related to word count.

    Anyhow, I hope it helps someone, somewhere!
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