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Thread: Vabella Publishing

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    Vabella Publishing

    I searched to see if this has been discussed before, but I could not find a thread. Does anyone know anything about this publisher?

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    This caught my eye on the submissions page:

    "Vabella Publishing does not offer or charge for editing services."

    A publisher that doesn't edit your manuscript? Am I reading that right?

    Their covers aren't very appealing IMO.

    ETA- Read a few of the blurbs. Wow. I don't think I'd submit here.
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    From the About Vabella page:

    From his time working in his fatherís print ship as a teen, John knew a lot about the art of book-making.
    Apparently the founder of the company shopped his first book around, but didn't like the fact that publishers could take eighteen months or more to release it. I'm guessing Vabella's refusal/inability to edit shortens that time considerably.
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    Updating URL:

    ETA: Claims to have in-house editors, now.
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