I'm familiar with the general trend when it comes to YA and word counts. I've read this cool post, too.

But what I'd like to ask if not so much about the formula as the realistic expectations. Just how short is too short for contemporary? The famous blog post says
35,000-75,000 words
but does having a 35k contemp sort of taint your chances? Like, you know, you can send in a 45k secondary world YA fantasy, but an agent will raise a brow at it. Whereas, say, a 65k secondary world YA fantasy is not really typical, but it seems to be just fine.

In other words, where does the wiggle room for contemporary YA unofficially meet its limits?

I'm asking about the low end of the scale, because I write short and even though I have some ideas and plans and YA mss, I've never written a true contemp before. I want to be ready, just in case.