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Thread: [Content development] The Quarasan Group

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    [Content development] The Quarasan Group

    Hey, all:
    As a sometimes writer of educational test materials, I want to warn all writer/editors to be very wary of accepting assignments with THE QUARASAN GROUP, of Chicago. This outfit may refuse to pay you for completed work. I took an assignment as editor a few months ago, did the work, and after three months and two invoices, was informed that the work had not been accepted, and I would not be paid. But the group failed to follow its own contract, which specifies that any work that is not acceptable must be returned to the writer for re-do. This is included in the writer's fee. This was not done. They have a serious problem with following proper protocols.

    Anyone else have this problem with QUARASAN?

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    I'm going to move this thread over to the Bewares and Background forum. Feel free to come back over the the New Members area for a proper introduction so everyone can welcome you to the watercooler properly.

    Oh, and welcome to the watercooler.

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    I wrote several projects for Quarasan in 2004-2006. Never had an issue with payment or with acceptance of work, but obviously that was a long time ago and it's entirely possible things have changed.


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