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Thread: Dragonwell Publishing

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    Question Dragonwell Publishing

    Does anyone have any experience with Dragonwell Publishing?

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    I'll move this to BR&BC, where it's a better fit.

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    No experience here. Never heard of them. I get no idea who runs it or if they have experience. I saw that they credit themselves with having Peter S. Beagle and Nancy Kress as two of their authors, but I think they are appearing in anthologies (maybe reprinted back-list stories?). They do classic reprints.

    I dunno, not much to go on here. I suppose they are e-book and POD.

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    Can't find anything about them, who runs the show or what their previous history is...

    I am also a little troubled that they ask for query, synopsis and first three chapters to be pasted into the body of the email, complete with line breaks. This often causes mistakes to make the writer look like an amateur.

    They also have a notice on their submission page apologising for the delay in responding to submissions from last summer or fall. Yet they say three months is the average response time. Either the submission page has not been updated or they are swarmed with more submissions than they can handle. It happens...

    Lastly, slightly concerned they give no information on any contract terms. But I suppose if you are interested you could contact them on their contact page and ask before you submit. I would not expect them to respond with line by line explanations, but the writer could ask for general terms like length of contract, reversion clause and what rights they will ask for.

    On the plus side, their covers are not bad. I have seen worse. I also like the fact they tell writers upfront the type of openings they deplore. That alone should cut down on the submissions.
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    I was looking at this press (their latest book was released last month) but was a bit troubled that their submissions page doesn't appear to have been updated for a year. Anyone know anything?
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