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Thread: Liza Royce Agency (Liza Fleissig)

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    Liza Royce Agency (Liza Fleissig)

    Skimming over today's Publisher's Marketplace list of deals, I saw an agent selling Young Adult who I'd never heard of before. The agent is Liza Fleissig and the agency she's with is the Liza Royce Agency.

    I attempted to look her up online, but apparently the internet hasn't heard of her either. There's no listing on AgentQuery or QueryTracker, no page on Publisher's Marketplace, and though there is a website, it's a placeholder with the promise of coming soon (which you can see here).

    However, Ms. Fleissig has made a number of sales since Nov. 2011 to such places as Harlequin Teen, Forge, and Margaret K. McElderry, as well as publishers like Sky Horse (who don't require an agent to submit).

    So, in sum, I started this thread because there wasn't one already, and because she seems to represent (in part) the kind of Young Adult fiction that I write. Anyone know anything else about her? Anyone submitted to her?
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