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Thread: Troubador Publishing Ltd / Matador

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    Troubador Publishing Ltd / Matador

    HI, I am just wondering if anyone has heard of and/or had any experience with Matador Self Publishing ? Apparently they area an extension of the UK Based Publishing Company Troubador Publishing LTD.

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    I was going to direct you to Matador's thread, but we don't appear to have one.

    Yes, I have heard of them before; no, I haven't used them or seen any of their books in the flesh.

    I've only time to give them a brief looking at, but they look pricey (680 for preparing a 180 page Word file into print ready files - so you'd have editing on top of that. 150 for alongside ebook creation and distribution.)

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    Just to add to the thread:

    I checked out Polly Courtney's Feral Youth out of my library today. If you've never heard of her then read this:

    As for the quality of the book I'm impressed so far, well-made and Matador must have good retail links to get the book into my library.
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