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Thread: Scribe Publishing Co. / Scribe Consulting, LLC

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    Scribe Publishing Co. / Scribe Consulting, LLC

    Can anyone educate me on the background of Scribe Publishing---

    Apparently, they are accepting submissions. I wanted to get whatever info possible before submitting.


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    The owner is Jennifer Baum.

    Here's an article about her and the company:

    Apparently they've published two novels and are set to publish two more in spring.
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    Adding live link:

    And for parent editing/marketing/PR company, Scribe Consulting:
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    Scribe Publishing

    I thought it was the other company, but that's Scribe Publications. This one just started in 2011. They have a nice website. Their books are getting reviewed by Kirkus and School Library Journal etc.

    Any thoughts?
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