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Thread: Anthony Bourdain on Writing

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    Anthony Bourdain on Writing

    I haven't posted here in ages & ages, but I had to share this one. From his Reddit AMA:

    Cooking professionally is hard work. Writing is a privilege and a luxury. Anybody who whines about writers block should be forced to clean squid all day.
    The Quote

    The Full AMA

    Well, then.
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    practical experience, FTW Purple Rose's Avatar
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    Having cleaned A LOT of squid when I once worked in a kitchen, and having cooked three meals a day for guests when I ran a villa in Bali, I must agree with Bourdain.

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    cooking profesionally in a busy middle of the road restaurant where creativity is practically more of an impediment than a requirement must be sheer torture for a creative soul.

    i'll take writer's block anytime.

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    I haven't cleaned squid. Detasseled corn, worked on a plastics line, answered calls from people that could not read who all screamed a lot ... Writer's block is apples to those oranges.

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    Anthony is awesome, does anyone else watch No Reservations?

    But I agree with him. If and when I get paid to write professionally, I would take writer's block over mostly anything to be honest.
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