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Thread: First Draft?

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    First Draft?

    First Draft?
    I am writing memoir and I am probably going to finish the first draft in the next few months... The first draft will be rough and probably a bit disorganized. When i say that I think it will have difficult flowing. How would i go about editing it? Also anyone got techniques for me I keep jumping all of the place, I will have one paragraph about something, then i jump, like jumping in time... (I would like to make it flow)

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    practical experience, FTW
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    Have you considered taking a writing class? That could help you with a lot of the questions you're asking.

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    You also might want to go into Basic Writing Questions here and look at the stickies.

    And read Bill Roorbach's book Writing Life Stories, or Tristine Rainer's book Your Life as Story.

    And try reading it out loud.


    Siri Kirpal
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    Thanks for your help I will look up those books.


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