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My grandfather lost a sister to that back in the 1890ís, and no one else caught it. He referred to it as consumption, but I donít know what it would have been in the 1700ís
I think they called TB consumption back in the 1700s, too. Back when I was more decisive about how to kill my characters (that is, not accurate), I used consumption a lot.

In 1799 quinine was known to be a useful treatment, but
it was still controversial among physicians (as to whether/when/how to use it)
it was not always available
it was not always administered correctly (see #1)
it didn't always work

Many, many people died of tropical malaria, some very quickly, despite the existence of quinine. It's still a disease that kills a lot of people every year.
I had come across a reference to Charles II being treated for malaria with quinine. Based on that, I figured that quinine as treatment was either expensive or hard to get or the dosage could easily be wrong.