(really, you do)

Okay this is the third time I've introduced myself here and certainly it's the last. Formerly strategic_tragedies which does not signify much for me and never did so I underwent a very painful and heartbreaking username change and my family is still upset about it and my life is a wreck (actually just a username change)

And the reason I have decided to reintroduce myself is because 1. I haven't actively been on here for a while except for to check up on the wonderful people in the Prayers thread and 2. As I have drastically changed within the past few months so has basically everything about my writing and that's the point so here I am

Anyway I think I'm a much happier, much less negative, much more confident, much better person than I was the last time and I'm definitely a better writer. I still use the words "actually" and "literally" too much and I still worry more about whether or not the words sound nice together than anything else and I still write YA and I still write about brotherhood and I clearly still can't write a proper sentence, but I am a little better. I used to really, really suck, and it's okay to suck, but it's still a happy feeling knowing that you are at least better than you were months ago.

Overall I didn't want to just jump back into the game without a proper introduction because I'm very, very blessed to be where I'm at right now (and while I'm still young as well, I'm just very lucky, also does the comma go inside or outside), and I'm really glad about it, and I just want people to know. It does sound like a personal problem but bear with me

Thank you for reading!