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Thread: Writing WebSeries

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    I am a bucket. AgentSparkle's Avatar
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    Feb 2013

    Question Writing WebSeries


    What do you know about webseries?

    I'm trying to write one, and I started hunting some down for examples, but the well-done scripted ones (ie: not vlogs, and decently proffessional; high-production value) seem to be very all-over-the-board. Like so:

    Neil's Puppet Dreams - Really cute and self-contained, but seems more like comedy sketches.

    The Divine - Not really self-contained, seems more like a feature film broken up into pieces.

    I'm having a bit of difficulty getting my hands on the original Sanctuary webisodes, I think there are 8 episodes total? I don't recall :P

    But, YES.

    I want my webseries to be like a tv series in short bursts - self-contained episodes, tells a story. Each episode is around 15 pages long - is that too much? Should I do them shorter? And how many episodes?

    There doesn't really seem to be any sort of standard for web series.

    What are your opinions? Thoughts?
    Short seasons, 6-8 episodes? Or more, like 12-15? Or more than that, even?

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    Pro scribe MrJayVee's Avatar
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    Arrow Web-series...

    I did a web series a few years ago. Created it, wrote it. Then found a guy who wanted to produce/direct. He pulled it all together and we had a lot of fun casting, shooting, etc. Hard work but FUN (at least for me).

    We "aired" about 7 episodes (there were one or two more eps that were shot, but never edited and, therefore, never posted). We got some views and we got some good comments/reviews, but it never really took off. C'est la vie.

    If you're gonna do something, do it because you enjoy the creative process. If it's a big hit, then great. But if not, well, at least you had some fun. And at the end of the day, if you're not having a good time, WHY ARE YOU EVEN DOING IT?

    Feel free to check out the first few episodes of my show...

    Episode 1:

    Episode 2:

    Episode 3:

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    I am a bucket. AgentSparkle's Avatar
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    Feb 2013
    Oh dear no, I absolutely love it. I LOVE writing webseries. I just want a little more information on what's out there, and peoples opinions on season and length formatting.

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    figuring it all out
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    Jun 2012
    There are no rules. Do whatever suits your story best.

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    Joker Groupie Celia Cyanide's Avatar
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    probably watching DARK KNIGHT
    Do you know what you want to do with it exactly? The only rules you will really have will come from the site that is hosting.
    my IMDB page:

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