My name is Zoey, I'm a professional writer, I write mainly scripts. I used to have a tunnel-vision focus on writing for television, but recently expanded to web series. I've also recently taken to writing novels for fun; I find that writing flowery prose is a nice relief from making minimally-detailed succinct scripts.

I also read. A lot. I've read City of Bones (but didn't like it), the Immortal Instruments series (I did like that - odd that I'd like one and not the other), I used to own the entire Ranger Apprentice series (so good). There are others.

I started reading classical literature, as a vague experiment that if I read great things it would improve my writing. So I've read the original Alice i Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass and The Idiot. I rather liked that last one. And my experiment worked, it did make me a better writer (if nothing else but for all the new big words I learned), but it also sucked because all of my characters sounded like they were 1940s Russian Noblemen xD

I am actively working on two projects, which is surprisingly minimal considering my usual 10 or so; I get bored easily and work a little on each one every night, but maybe that's just saying something about these particular two projects.

The first is a web series, called "Jam Yesterday", which is supernatural/noir about a would-be detective who annoys an ex-Priest into helping him unravel mysterious happenings in their city. I just finished writing the third episode yesterday, which places the total series page count at around 45 (15-ish per episode).

The second is an urban fantasy novel, entitled "No Mans Land", about a post-apocalyptic world where the land is divided in half - one side owned by Vampires and one side owned Werewolves, with a no mans land in between. Things get stirred up when a human (who are thought to be extinct) crosses over into Werewolf territory asking for help.

But yes! Anyways, I'm very friendly so feel free to say hi!