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Thread: Boys don't cry

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    Boys don't cry

    I have just finished writing a highly emotional chapter in which my MC, a 17 year old male cries.

    I was just wondering about your thoughts on this. Is this a positive or a negative move? I am in two minds at the moment as to whether I should leave it or delete the whole bit about him crying. My novel is written for an Australian market, it is not really the done thing here for young men to cry, certainly a sign of weakness. My MC is definately not weak, in fact he is quite the opposite, the turn of events has just taken their toll on him. As a side note the character's name is Maton, an Aboriginal word meaning 'strong'.
    I do think that this adds another dimension to his character, but on the other hand I am concerned that this may alienate some of my readers (especially male readers...who might pooh pooh the whole thing). Just wondering what everyone on this panel thinks. I am thinking of trying it out with some of my students perhaps see how they respond....I can always delete it later.
    All thoughts appreciated.
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