Hi everyone!

My name is Lily. I've just completed my first novel, and after having a read through the first draft, I've pinpointed a few issues that I have to work on. I'd love to have some impartial readers giving me their impressions of my work. But beyond that I'd like to find some long term writing and critique buddies, people that I can discuss goals with. We can keep each other on track and share all those great breakthrough writing moments!

My novel is an urban fantasy set in modern day Victoria. At this stage it's 60,000+ words and counting as I'm busy adding in scenes and chapters. I'm not looking for intensive critiquing that'd involve picking through grammar, but more general comments over any plot holes, problems with pacing or character development. If you're also looking for someone to do the same for your work, then please get in touch! We can exchange a couple of chapters first to see if we'd be a good fit.

Summary of Eidolon:

Going to sleep has never been a issue for Tristan Bellamy–until the accidental death of his best friend prompts the return of the startlingly realistic dreams of his childhood. But while those used to centre around a private wonderland of living shadows and landscapes that changed according to his will, Tristan’s new dreams have been reduced to a nightly showing of Toby’s drowning.

As Tristan moves without control between the waking world and that of his dreams, he inadvertently brings a passenger with him, setting off a series of events that leads The Cooperative–a Melbourne based organisation that polices supernatural activity–into the little town of Girralong, and to Tristan himself.