Fantasy can get pretty dark and messy. Do you like yours with or without a lot of angst?

I'm not really an angst person, but sometimes it can be fun to sulk alongside a main character (when you know that revenge is coming), so I'm going to say just a little.

Characters need to react to the crap that happens to them, but I'm not fussed about moral dilemmas and all that other stuff. I prefer seeing characters out and about to reading sections where they turn things over in their minds. I don't latch on to their pain the way some readers seem to.

I like drama when it explodes into violence. If there's no hint of danger to be found then I start to lose interest (unless love or pride is on the line). Take UF heroes... I don't tend to care about their baggage unless the things/people involved are a) direct antagonists or b) some kind of looming, concrete threat. If they're trying to get over issues then I read it but I don't enjoy/dislike it... it's basically just overlong description to me.