Hi all my name is Jason and this is my first post. Well technically not my first post as I have succumbed to the lure of other forums in the past, but definitely my first post here. I am new to writing books of any sort, and as I love fantasy it seemed a wise move on my behalf to start there. So this is me letting you know I am here for help, advice and guidance from the old hats in the business and from the new as well. As time passes I also hope to contribute and return the favour. Now for the speed introduction.

A quick run down of myself....

  • Gender - At last check, male

  • Marital status - Firmly secured to the chain around my ankles...

  • Children - Can put forward my own basketball team provided they don't want a break or get injured.

  • Hobbies and interests - Music, reading, computers, photoshop, spirituality, golf and fishing. The last two I consider more of an attempt to bolster my list because in my eyes swinging a club at a ball does not constitute playing golf, and fishing implies the involvement of fish and the ability to catch them.

  • Useful tools - Windows 7 PC armed with yWriter 5 and Freemind. I use the term "useful" lightly as I have mentioned Microsoft in the same sentence.

Well thats me in a nutshell, the perfect place for me I might add lol. I hope to meet you all here in these cyberpages. I'm sure you wont be able to miss me, I'll be the one curled up in the corner of the pub asleep after partaking in one too many cyberbaileys.....