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    I'm a student, 22, came to the site looking to get critique on poetry and my creative writing. Been writing since middleschool and seek a bachelors in creative writing followed by a masters in lit.. maybe *shrug*
    Living in the midwest currently, not enjoying the snow :/

    I have all my poems on deviant art but find critique is hard to get, I checked out Gaia but its not quite an audience that can give meaningful critique sadly. So here I am.

    I had done some poking around but couldn't find it. Could someone kindly point me towards more information on the challenge thread thing for SYW where do I post it?

    My goal/dream is to eventually publish an anthology of my own work, yet I have many unwritten stories because I feel I am unable to do the greatness of them justice with my current abilities.

    Here's to getting better. :cheers:


    I read the newbie guide, it said as a new member I ought to let you all get to know me, so I'll make this an AMA. Ask me anything, that does not violate the board's rules. About my writing, for samples, about my history as a writer. (I was published in a hard cover book in 8th grade, and a few times after through a poetry contest, though it was shady IMO I do own one of the books)

    Something to discuss? I just finished the Invention of Hugo Cabret and thought it was alright. I have an interest in dead greek dudes who thought about 'stuff'... anything else? no holds barred.
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