Hi Everybody
I am new here. I like writing and my dream is one day to publish one of my stories. I have been writing since I was little. Now I am working on a story which started as a painting, but one painting turned into eight paintings and several written pages!!! Do not ask my why I started painting the first painting to begin with, that is a long story! I also like painting, in fact in my spare time I paint and I have made several artworks over the years. Horses and ballerinas are often the prime subjects of my works, but my cat is always a source of inspiration which I cannot escape :-) I often get new ideas from doing sport (I am a very active person) and when I am outdoor, and if one day I manage to share my ideas though publishing something, I would feel very accomplished indeed. I am dyslexic and since a young age I have had many barriers to overcome, and no matter what others said, I kept trying and I am glad I have...I would not be on this forum otherwise. Life is indeed a beautiful journey, eh?

One of the things I absolutely love is reading, and I am always eager to explore new authors and styles of writing. Among my favourite authors stands Daphne du Marier, but recently I have discovered 'children's books' like then ones by Michael Morpurgo.

So look forward to learn from you, share ideas, views and experiences.