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Thread: Pure Slush print anthology for next year

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    Pure Slush print anthology for next year

    I just got word that Pure Slush's big project for 2014 is going to be in print, and I'm contributing to the anthology volumes. Basically the project is that there are 31 authors, one author for every day of the month (except for the ones that only have 30 days and February). Weve all selected a day. My day is the 8th. So, Ill be writing a short piece of fiction about a recurring cast of characters, and what they do on each 8th day of every month for a year.

    The really cool part? You can read along! I'm sure there will be a signup email where you can put your address in to have a copy of each month's volume mailed to your house. That's right. REAL MAIL. Actual books! One for each month, so you'll have 12 volumes by the end of the year. So, 12 volumes with my work in them by the end of next year. That's really big.

    Now... I just have to come up with a storyline and plot and characters... Heh.

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    Cool! Best of luck with the writing!


    Siri Kirpal
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    Interesting project. Good luck and have fun!
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    Good luck!!!

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