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Thread: [Pubisher] Diabolic Muse

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    [Pubisher] Diabolic Muse

    Discovered when the owner friended me on Twitter.

    There are some really unusual things on this website aimed at newbie authors.

    And the guidelines

    Absent are the usual list of taboos found at most erotic romance / erotica publishers. Their only exclusion are characters under 18 years of age.

    Checked out some of the books and this is what I found:

    There are blurbs but no excerpts.

    There is no indication of how long the books are anywhere on the site.

    The books are priced rather high, especially when one of the titles is $9.95 and calls itself a 'mini novel' whatever that might be.

    There is a pull down menu listing all available titles--5 at the moment--that will become difficult to use should their book offerings expand by many more titles.

    I could find no information on who their owners or editors are. One artist is listed.

    Covers are done cartoon style.

    Most books appear to be geared toward a male readership--based on themes and cover art presentation--rather than a female readership.

    Edited to Add: Even though the pull down menu says 'available titles' this is a listing of categories/genres not the books themselves. This isn't really apparent from the header used for the menu.

    Looking over the terminology--or lack thereof, see 'mini novel' above--used on the website I'd say the people at the helm of this company are clueless regarding publishing.
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    Aw, give 'em a break! If this isn't solid advice I don't know what is:

    Donít try too hard to come up with super-cool or super-symbolic names for characters, like Johnny Spears, Lance Peters, Frank Masoch (masochism), Angela De Sade (sadism). You can afford to have one or two of these, but often having exotic characters paired with ordinary names like David Smith, Sean Mumford, Kayla Stevens, and Sarah Jones is perfect.
    Who wouldn't want to read erotica about Angela de Sade and Sean Mumford?

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