this sure is a big place! i've been looking for an outlet for my various writings for quite some time now and just yesterday slapped my forehead and said, "of course! message boards!" which is surprising i hadn't considered that in the past as i'm on a few message boards already. anyways, looking forward to this new community.

my very last class in college was a creative writing class. i was a poli sci major. i wasn't floored by how much i enjoyed it, i always enjoyed writing, what amazed me was why hadn't i at least taken a writing class earlier.

i'm writing a book currently. i have roughly 130 pages typed, but right now it's chronologically inept. my buddy compares it to seasickness. don quixote, the good soldier svejk, and catch 22 i draw inspiration from. also a great deal of steinbeck, dostoevsky, kerouac, and kesey.

have one short story finished and others in the works. there is poetry i'm proud of and i write humorous country westerns.

i would like to get published and learn guitar. i have two cats, i'm from cincinnati, ohio and i smoke cigarettes