Hello Everyone,

I've been mulling this over for a little while and need some outside opinions.
I'd like to think I have some good ideas for TVs and movies.
I'd like to think if only I could get 5 minutes with Jos Whedon, I'd be golden.

But I'm also realistic, and I want to be economical with my time.

And I also realize that in the best ideal impossibly unreal scenario, even Jos Whedon would take my idea and say, "y'know, that's a good idea, I'll have my writers tackle it".

So, given the improbability of a screenplay ever being picked up;
-Given the likelihood that in best possible situation if/when it is, it's going to be hacked up by the director/producer/dolly grip and other writers;
-Given that I really just want/would be really tickled if just the IDEA (and not the screenplay itself) were picked up
-and finally, Given I don't want to completely waste time and effort writing a screenplay that has no chance of going anywhere...

What's the alternative?

I've read screenplays for fun (there's an excellent version of Aliens vs. Predators that's far better than any of those movies that were made).

I've read books that really read like screenplays (directed the eye as if it were a camera).

I've read comic books -that is, Graphic Novels- that were essentially (and I say this with all due respect) written for the screen but would never make the screen. (And there are lots of parallels between GN and movies).

Instead of writing out a complete script, is there a format that could be broadly appealing while also capturing the essence of a screenplay?

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?