Hi folks. I'm John, nervous and pretty illiterate so entering here fells like a parachute jump from space. I have been reading here for a few weeks and finally decided to post up to become part of your awesome community.

Im quite private and usually keep to myself so sat twiddling fingers on my keyboard is second nature however I have no literary background. I have qualifications in technical illustration and a degree in animation (3D). I enjoy many art forms digital and traditional. My love in life has always been stories. To my shame I have read very few books but started a catchup plan in the last few years. My knowledge of story telling comes mainly from film, TV, games and of course life. I love creativity and fiction but found myself reading more non-fiction in the past year.

So the reason I searched out a writing forum was to help me along with a story I started imagining when leaving school. Now 37 and having worked on it part time for a few months I have fallen for the process and places my mind takes me. It has spiralled into a monster and brought me to realise how little I knew about the entire process. So I raise my glass to new friends and offer to get the drinks in at the bar!