I'm one of the writers on this very cool serialized fantasy romance.


What would you do if someone murdered you when you were sixteen? The Princess Ming was shot in the face while she was trying to escape with her mother. It didnít make her very happy. She has spent the last 150 years in the Chinese Celestial City, training under the tutelage of an ancient and cruel Emperor.

Sheís expert at Wing Chun, levitating, and divining the future. But when Ming is thrust into an unexpected adventure she finds herself confronting her greatest challenge. Boys.

Leaving the Celestial City she risks the Emperorís wrath, but the handsome fortune hunter, Xi, has keys to unlock the mysteries of her past and give her solace and closure on a century and a half of grieving for her motherís departed soul.

Part of the story is told via narrative from different character's POV and part is told through live action scenes.