As I ramp up on identifying markets and sending queries, I thought maybe it'd be helpful (it would be for me at least) to talk about what types of metrics you aim for, and the results? Or if you take a metrics-driven approach at all?

New to trying to do this for a living, I am aiming for 5 solid ideas per week. By that I mean ideas that are not only good but have multiple markets I can pitch to. Each one of my queries, with some adjustment, can go to 2-3 different editors. That means 10-15 solid queries per week.

I would hope, then, to see 1 out of every 20-30 queries become a commission. That is 2 per month to start. As I develop relationships with editors, and have more market knowledge, my number of commissions will increase along with all my metrics (for example better market knowledge means I'll know of more places to pitch a specific idea).

As someone new I had to make these numbers up completely off the top of my head, so I was curious was full-time freelancers see in the real world.