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Thread: MacKeeper - what's the talk?

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    MacKeeper - what's the talk?

    On my Mac, the popup for MacKeeper is one of the few that appears - and frequently. At least once a day.

    I searched this forum and only found one reference to it, here:

    which only says: "MacKeeper - a fantastic all-in-one Swiss army knife for deleting files, splitting binaries, etc."

    I don't have many issues with my 3 years old MacBook, although I *did* have to get it completely wiped by the Genius Bar a couple of weeks ago, then reload everything from my Time Machine backup. (I'd been having trouble for a couple of months with it being frozen after turning on - mouse would move cursor around, but nothing would ever happen - no files open, no programs ... Genius Bar tried a couple of fixes then just wiped it, seems to be ok now )

    So, what's up with MacKeeper? Should I have it? Is it useful? Is it dangerous? Is it meh take-it-or-leave it?

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