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Thread: High level position (Resort Hotel)

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    please distract me mccardey's Avatar
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    Feb 2010

    High level position (Resort Hotel)

    I have a main character who is hoping to build a career in high-end resort or hotel management. (Think - the Asia-wide manager of, say, Pan Pacific Hotels)

    Does anyone know what that position would be titled? And for the moment, as the guy in charge of arranging supplies for the kitchen of a Five Star resort - what would that title be? (Note - he's not the chef - he's on the planning side. He decides which suppliers to use, fixes contractors - that sort of thing.)

    I can double-check later, but for the moment I'm drawing a blank on what terms to use to even research it.

    Help! Payment in love and rep points.

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    Benefactor Member WeaselFire's Avatar
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    May 2012
    Floral City, FL
    Current title could be: Executive Chef, Executive Manager, Manager or even just Kitchen Supervisor. If he doesn't cook, he won't be an executive chef. Normally it's the manager or executive manager's duty. But realistically, he could be titled Chief Poohbah, depending on the organization.

    The higher-up job could be any number of positions, Regional Manager, Vice President or Operations Mnager are typical. But again, anything could be used.

    Try a dictionary of occupational titles.


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    Who's going for a beer? waylander's Avatar
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    Current title - manager/ director of procurement/site services?

    "wonderfully old-school epic adventure fare"



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