Hi all,

I'm a new freelance writer about to go overseas and try writing for magazines.

The market I have initially been targeting is travel, but it'd be cool to find a more specific niche that sends me all around the world. I love to travel but don't necessarily want to be a travel writer. An alternative is journalism, reporting events, but it seems that would tie me down to one place if I was to be any good at it (it takes time to get the know the history, actors, etc., you can't just up and leave after 4 months).

An interesting option would be to follow international sporting events around the world. Look at a calendar and sort of time it out to follow cool sporting events (particularly adventure sports, but I'm open minded). Let's say the Malaysian Grand Prix and then a week later some yacht race is going on in Singapore.

Any successful freelancers that can give me insight into this market, and if it is a viable one to specialize in? I understand I'd have to supplement it with other markets, but it'd be a cool specialty.