Not exactly sure how this works, but here goes:

So, I'm new to AW and thought I'd introduce myself.

Hi, I'm Faith

(I hear, "Hi, Faith" from those around...maybe that's just the voices in my head.)

If you don't think I'm crazy already...just wait, there's more!

I like Sci-Fi, Fantasy - like to read it, like to write it, like to critique it. I like it.

I also like to read things that stimulate the brain. These are usually pieces that could generate conflicting opinions. I'll dabble in writing a few controversal pieces myself, but I mainly stick to fiction.

A few random notes: Movies and TV, in my opinion, are meant for entertainment, an escape from reality, if you will. You won't normally catch me watching many documentaries. If it doesn't make me laugh, I will most likely avoid it. If it makes me laugh and cry in 90 mins., I say that's a big success. (Of course, this is vague, and I've probably enjoyed quite a few non-fiction things that didn't make me laugh or cry, but I digress.)

Books fall into somewhat of the same category for me, and that is why I steer toward fiction.

Video games are another escape that I employ as often as I get the chance. (Having a grown up job and other such responsibilities can get in the way of this, as you might know.) I wouldn't be able to name the most recent, most awesome games released, but I've played many of the Legend of Zelda games from the N64 all the way up to Wii. (It's my favorite!) Anything Mario usually strikes my fancy. I guess I'm mostly a Nintendo girl.

Animals are awesome. They usually still love you even when you suck. It's a plus.

My favorite color is blue.

Wow...I don't know if there's a limit to this intro thing, but I hope I didn't exceed it.

NOW! Tell me a little about yourself, please! How do we relate or differ in interests? Anything else you want to let me know about AW, what you write, the things I've mentioned...anything really...would be great.