Hey all,

I'm working on an MG/YA story that is still coalescing in my head. My MC is going to start the story as someone who is socially a bit awkward, and who isn't popular at school.

So...what do girls get made fun of for in middle school and early high school? I had it in my head that she would get made fun of for being physically weak and slow (first scene is a guy pushing her in the mud because she's last when running the mile) but after that I'm stuck.

Do I even need to have a specific trait that makes her the target of bullies? What kind of things do bullies do that would resonate with middle grade or high school readers these days? I don't want to go too intense-she's driven to seek an escape, but she's not suicidal or anything like that, just angry and confused.

I just realized this might belong better in Writing for Kids...Sorry mods.