I'm willing to swap/beta for anything along the same lines - romance (in any subgenre) or New Adult (any subgenre).

So here's my pitch:

Mireli “Rel” Prado has come home from her overseas job for the first time in six years, only to fall back into the same old annoying social hierarchies, parental demands, and the attentions of the gorgeous ghost of her past—Asher Ilyasov—who once rejected her, quite harshly, when, as a teen, she professed her love for him. Now, after being separated for so long, Asher, seemingly having forgotten their sorted history, now looks at Rel with cinders smoldering in his gaze.

Asher Ilyasov lives with a severe and isolated case of retrograde amnesia after suffering a traumatic accident a few years back. He’s forgotten most of what he learned in college, where he stores his most expensive cufflinks and, apparently, every harsh word he ever said to a young and impressionable Mireli Prado.

Now that the two are back in close confines, Rel must choose whether or not she will return the affections Asher has lavished upon her during her visit home and after, as she returns to work in Haiti. And Asher must grapple with the very real fact that memory, or his lack thereof, may sink their ship before it leaves the sunlit harbor.


It's a 50k draft 3 manuscript that I'm thinking I'll start querying.
There are 2 storylines - the second has some New Adult undertones.

I'm essentially looking for someone to tell me where/if they got bored. I'm open to suggestions for the ending, because it feels rough to me right now.

We can try swapping first chapters to see if it works out, if that is your preference.

PM or drop a line here if interested