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Thread: "He" problems

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    Question "He" problems

    I figured this should be my first official post and it seemed like something reasonable to ask.

    So I am writing this manuscript that focuses around a single man and I seem for some reason to be using "he" an awful lot since I am doing a type of writing that I am not currently used to. It's a great story in my eyes that deserves to be written but should be written fully and correctly but I seem to be having an awful lot of "hes" and "Alexs" in my writing that is sort of ruining the flow. Now I figure it is an easy correction when I go through it after the first draft but I want to steer away from this point on. I will copy and paste a unedited paragraph from the book that I randomly chose as I scrolled through it. I will highlight the Hes and the Alexs.

    Alex grabbed his 1911, which he brought in from the SUV yesterday in case the need arose and he would have to shoot his way out of a situation. He went ahead and slipped the handgun in the lower middle of his back and tightened the draw strings of his pajama bottoms to hold it tight in place. With weapon easily accessible he opened the door to greet them.
    So in this one paragraph I mention Alex's name once, to establish the paragraph's center point, pretty sure that isn't what it is called but it fits the bill. "He" is mentioned four times and that is only within this one paragraph. I have never ran into this problem before but it is just that, a problem.

    Any help please?
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